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So, I haven't posted in a while. Fine. A long while. But I don't feel like giving you explanations or excuses, so tough. 

Moving on then. 

I love corridors. Especially really long narrow ones. They're particularly wonderful when standing on one end of them. It's the sensation that's fabulous..... 

You know how athletes have stupid little routines? The way a batter kicks the dirt by the plate twice with each foot, swings his bat out, and gives a little nod. Only THEN he’s ready. God forbid he only kicked the dirt once. The earth would mostly likely spin out of its orbit. It’s beyond habit; it’s ritual. And it’s funny to me that 7 years later, at the end of the corridor, my fingers still flutter and I have the biting urge to bob up and down on my toes, not once, not twice—three times—before sprinting the kind of sprint that my body is no longer capable of. It's a rush the takes over my body, flooding it with anticipation, excitement, focus, determination. Because for 1 second at the end of the corridor my body believes that I'm not in the corridor on the second floor of the Penton Meida Building in downtown Cleveland; for 1 second, I am barefoot on a blue strip of carpet 82 feet long, seeing nothing but spring board and the chalky leather horse at its end. So, while I'm sure my co-workers are all probably all glad I resist this urge to sprint down hallways and vault over tables, I’m kinda still in love with the rush, and I find myself immensely glad that 7 years later that when at the end of corridors, my fingers still flutter—even if I can’t perform a tsuk. 

[It just occurs to me that I may have written about this once before... well, I guess that's my point...  it's still so there, and important enough to me to bother you about it more than once.]

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My boyfriend will be here in 4 hours. I am very, VERY happy.

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Bad news: I think I am becoming a caffeine addict. I had a headache all day (no coffee or diet coke) and then 4:00 I have coffee, 4:10 my headache is starting to feel noticeably better.

Good news: I think finishing my Engs paper before I sleep Thursday night might actually be doable. After that (in order): Green Key, Japanese Prints Paper, Mikio!

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Things that often might lead others to question your masculinity:

1. Horse shoes
2. Bean bag toss
3. 1 and 2 in pastel colored shorts

But apparently, if you're a (rich) white male attending an ivy league school (old boy's club) and establish your masculinity in other realms (frat basements) then it's a perfectly acceptable male activity.


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A little over 4 months ago, I read a lj entry about a birthday. I sat at my computer for hours puzzling over this entry and what "it meant." It apparently meant, amongst other things, that for some god forsaken reason my then ex-boyfriend Mikio still treasured the memory of the birthday outing I had taken him on  2 years earlier. Today, it means that my now boyfriend Mikio was determined to pay me back in spades for said birthday by treating me to the most unforgettable birthday of my life. My Birthday Weekend....New York City, hor d'oevres and wine, a Broadway musical, a candlelit French dinner. A day in the Met, an absurd willingess to listen to me babble relentlessly about art for 4 straight hours, a 2+ hour Italian dinner culminating in the best frozen dessert my mouth has ever tasted. Champagne, a movie, a king-sized bed in the Westin on Time Square. And well, the most important if not obvious part: it was all spent with him. The most exciting part? That maybe 2 years hence this past weekend won't have been just a wonderful memory I still refuse to relinquish, but rather the auspicious beginning of the many ridiculously long meals, cosmopolitan adventures, and restful but sleepless nights ahead of us.

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So, my weekend was spent out of wooded New Hampshire in a sunny, warm, flowering part of Philadelphia.

Highlights of the trip include:

1. Actually succeeding in surprising my boyfriend from the balcony of New Dorm. (No!  Yes.)
2. Beaming as I watched him in two matinee performances of Arcadia. (My boyfriend is kinda amazing.)
3. Picking really good seats for the chorus concert. (What is she doing wearing that shirt??????)  (Also relates to 4.)
4. Hiding my irrepressible smile in my program as the men's section of the chorus descends from their risers to sing the tavern songs in tavern style.  (Minus the debauchery.)
5. Coming home with sunburn.... It implies all the time spent outside in Arcadia. (Figuratively and literally if you will. )

However, now I am back at Dartmouth, in the emptied Novack cafe, gritting my teeth, praying that I can make it through a week of 3 midterms and a phone interview without dropping dead. Because well, as good as this past weekend was, this coming weekend promises to be just as good, if not better. (Better for its lack of imminent midterm doom.) Saturday, I will be leaving the woods again, this time for the high rises of New York City, where I will be meeting my boy for a birthday weekend of musicals, wine, and art.... not to mention the very, very nice hotel room. 

But that's later. Now I need to concentrate on pining less and regressing equations more.

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I was just about to write about how I am in this horrible crabby cranky mad at life and everyone in it mood, but then i saw my post from yesterday.

still--sans mot.
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8PM Candlight Vigil.

sans mot.

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Just had my interview/informal conversation with Timothy Rub and holy shit, I fucking love my life. I love how the DIRECTOR of the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART is going totally out of his way to help me get an internship with the CMA this summer. I might have a job!!!!!!!!!  And not just a job.... but THE job.

Only one thing could make this sweeter.....  damn 300 miles......

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So, my Tuesday/Thursday Schedule is a bit icky. I have to get up an hour earlier than MWF; I go to 2 hours of high pitched econometrics (sans coffee) for 2 hours before lunch and then 2 hours of biotech, which could and should be interesting except for the fact that all of the guest lecturers for the class are engineers and surgeons who couldn't find a second tone if it was dancing in front of them naked. (In Dobby's tea cozy if you will.) So by 4 o'clock my brain is fried from bad, boring lecturing on subjects I really don't have too much interest in.

BUT, I LOVE Tuesday/Thursday. I get to go to yoga. So even if the rest of the day was a hammer-beating-me-over-the-head waste of time, I just got in touch with my inner goddess, which totally makes up for the hammer thing.


Oh, and there's about 4 inches of snow on the ground outside. FYI. (It's April 12!!!!!!!!!!!)

Double Oh! I having housing for next year. A single in the house with a DOUBLE BED. So, if you need me any time next year, you can find me in the very large bed in Epsilon Kappa Theta 203.   :)))))))

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